Malik Industries

Since 1972

Malik Industrie has been dedicated to the satisfaction of jewellery merchants and consumers alike by offering a quality wholesale jewellery packaging. We have the innovative jewellery packaging products you need to enhance every jewellery purchase in an elegant way. Wholesale or retail jewellery packaging, our goals are to provide you with beautiful products of great quality and endearing value.

We know how important it is for you to offer high quality presents for your clients and relatives. One sure way to achieve that is by purchasing our specialized wholesale gift and jewellery packaging. It will definitely add value to your presents and show your consideration and regards towards the recipients.

Malik Industries devoted staff has been working hard for the past years in order to design thebest-looking jewellery packaging products for jewellers and since then, the company has been considered an expert in the wholesale jewellery packaging field. Malik Industries manufactures the collections of Jewellery Packaging in form Leatherette jewellery boxes, wooden jewellery boxes, plastic jewellery boxes, flock jewellery boxes, wooden jewellery display, stock jewellery boxes and watch boxes.


Latest & Innovative Designs to cater your requirements